We defend.
Domestic and abroad.

Supporting the U.S. Security Mission, Foghorn Global commits to the highest standards of safety and protection. 

About the company

Foghorn Global is a woman, minority, and veteran-owned company focused solely on providing security solutions, solving complex challenges, and serving America’s global interest. With offices located in our nation’s capital and the Caribbean, Foghorn was founded by Department of State Foreign Service professionals who saw a desperate need for contract companies with an appreciation for; nuanced foreign policy environments,  unique challenges confronting overseas missions, and country teams. 

Who We Are


Subject Matter Expertise

Advanced knowledge consultation in foreign policy and global security. As an authority in understanding of this space, we provide exceptional solutions to complex obstacles.


Risk Management

We locate, identify, analyze, and control threats to an organization's capital, safety, and overall foundation. Rest assured, our mission is to protect your mission.


Asset Protection

We build long-term relationships and offer innovative solutions to improve customer satisfaction while protecting assets and key infrastructure.

What We Do

Foreign Policy

Having an understanding of how international states and actors interact with one another is essential. Our priority in shaping an comprehensive action plan towards these global relations is priority.


With a robust portfolio of global experience, we provide an extraordinary level of security. Safeguarding personnel and infrastructure is necessary to our success.


We identify, evaluate, refine, and negotiate security measures pertaining international relations. Verbal and written analysis reports are vital in sculpting a footprint on the international arena.

we are
Foghorn Global

Foghorn delivers solutions to critical security challenges around the world. Our seasoned foreign service professionals manage projects of all sizes across security, foreign policy, and consulting portfolios.

Foghorn professionals have led diplomatic missions in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. This comes with an expertise in challenging, austere, non-permissive environments that others simply have no experience or familiarity with. 


Foghorn Global
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